Optic Nerve Hypoplasia

What Is Optic Nerve Hypoplasia?

Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH) is a medical condition arising from the underdevelopment of the optic nerve(s). This condition is the most common congenital optic nerve anomaly. The optic disc appears abnormally small.  This is due to not all of the optic nerve has developing properly.  It is often associated with hormone deficiencies, developmental delay, and brain malformations. The optic nerve is responsible for transmitting visual signals from the retina to the brain.  It has approximately 1.2 million nerve fibers in the average person. In those diagnosed with ONH, however, there are noticeably fewer nerves.

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ONH Resources

Below you will find a list of resources that have been invaluable to us in learning about ONH. Please let us know if there are resources you think belong on the list.

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