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Brushing & Deep Pressure Techniques       



  1. Pressure Brushing:

Hold the scrub brush in a horizontal positon & paint smooth, continuous strokes up & down.

Apply deep (firm) even pressure, not light pressure!

  • Brush/paint full length of 1st arm and hand cover all surface area, including palms, once. After brushing the first arm, paint to the shoulder and then move smoothly over the shoulder to the back.
  • Brush back – paint a V shape from shoulder to their waist line in the back, and then back up to the opposite shoulder.  Always hold the brush sideways while applying deep pressure!
  • Brush opposite arm same as first arm. After painting second arm paint down to hand while placing hand on knee.   Move brush smoothly from hand to knee and then…
  • Start brushing long strokes on first leg to 2” or 3” above knee, covering all surface areas. (approximately 4-6 strokes per leg)
  • Brush second leg in the same way.
  • Brush tops and bottoms of feet if OK with child, if shoes are on apply firm, rhythmic, deep pressure “hits” to the heel using your open palm.



Hold the brush sideways!

Do Not brush the stomach, chest, face, neck or groin area (input can affect respiration, heart rate, etc)

Be very firm, as light touch is very disorganizing to the child

Brush with LOVE, not as a chore

Brush every 2 hours (if possible) for maximum benefit at first (input’s effect will last about 2 hours).

Do not brush over sores or open areas on the skin,

Brushing over clothes is fine when accompanied with deep pressure.


  1. Joint Compression:

Apply joint compressions (deep pressure) to all joints (8 repetitions each); very important, don’t skip.

General Principles:

  • Stabilize one end of bone at its joint. Push from other end of bone at joint
  • Use firm grip at each joint for more compression input to tendons around joint
  • Direction of force should be into the joint or socket for maximum input
  • Make sure body is in good joint alignment, so you don’t harm joints



Down through the spine. Hands on shoulders close to neck (good posture)

Push from elbow towards shoulder joint holding firmly at shoulder

Push from heel of hand (wrist) towards elbow holding elbow firmly

Push/Pull gently hands and fingers individually.  Don’t let fingers bend backwards.

Push from knee towards hip joint stabilizing firmly with the other hand behind the buttocks

Push knee towards ankle with foot well aligned & firmly on floor; holding the ankle for extra support


This whole procedure should take 2-3 minutes.


  1. Proprioceptive Play:

Now it is time for the student to be active!   The child needs to push, pull, lift and carry. For example:


  • Dance to active music
  • Tug-of-war


  • Move a big bean bag chair around the room
  • Toss bean bags into a bucket

Visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2ooI_w2-xM to watch a video of a brushing demonstration.

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