7 Tips for Transitioning Your Child Back to School.

7 Tips for Transitioning Your Child Back to School.

Transitions are hard. Especially going back to school.


As summer slowly begins to fade away and the routine of Fall is on the horizon, some parents may wonder good ways to help their child have a smoother transition back into the school year. 

Our Little Light House Therapy Team has provided 7 tips to help prepare your kiddo for starting school next week.


1. BE POSITIVE AND EXCITED. Your child will pick up on how they should feel based on how YOU feel about going back to school.
2. DRIVE YOUR CHILD BY THE SCHOOL IN ADVANCE. Or show them pictures of it so they have a sense of where they will be going, especially if this is your child’s first year.
3. REVIEW WITH THEM WHAT TO EXPECT. In the few days before school starts back up go through what a school day will look like for them. Talk about their teachers, their friends, their classes, etc.  
4. READ THEIR LLH SOCIAL STORY TO THEM. Social stories are a great tool used to provide your child, especially a child with autism, with information about everyday events that your child may find difficult or confusing. They help prevent further anxiety within your child, “increase his/her understanding of the situation at hand, make him/her more comfortable about the situation, and possibly suggest some appropriate responses for the situation in question.” To read more about Social Stories and see examples, click here.
5. LET YOUR CHILD PICK. Let your child pick out what they want to wear to school, pick out their lunchbox, pick out their backpack, etc. New things feel EXCITING! 
6. LET THEM PICK OUT A SMALL TOY. Let your child pick a very small, familiar toy to “live” in their backpack for the first week. This can bring a small sense of security to the child.
7. PACK A HEALTHY LUNCH. Lastly, pack a HEALTHY lunch. Lots of protein, fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Your child may be a picky eater at home, but often times kids will try new foods at school. The good food will provide your child with the nutrition they need to maintain energy and help with their mental health too.


These are just a few of the ways to help with a difficult transition, and always know your LLH staff is here to help in anyway we can. 
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