Teacher Conference Materials

Teacher Conference Materials

Recently, two current and one former staff members of the Little Light House attended a teacher’s conference in Honduras. Members of our team would like to share the documents provided at the conference here on the Little Anchor! You’ll find these documents attached below.

English Handouts

Differentiated Instruction and Accommodations for Struggling Learners (March 2018)
Four Things To Know (March 2018)
What Are Social Stories? (November 2017)
1. Sensory Processing Introduction Outline (November 2017)
9. Tactile Sensory System Outline (November 2017)
14. Proprioception Sensory System Outline (November 2017)
18. Vestibular Sensory System Outline (November 2017)
Four Things To Understand Online (November 2017)
LLH Brushing Technique for GI (November 2017)
Strategies For Students With Attention Deficits Attending In School (November 2017)
We Can Do It Outline (November 2017)
23. Visual Sensory System Outline (November 2017)
30. Auditory Sensory System Outline (November 2017)
Learning Disabilities Are Not A Prescription For Failure (February 2017)
What Is Auditory Processing Disorder? (November 2017)
Who Is The Child With Special Needs Handout (February 2017)
35. Taste & Smell Sensory Systems Outline (November 2017)


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