Sensory Stations: Muddy Pigs

Sensory Stations: Muddy Pigs

Howdy friends! At the Little Light House, it’s no secret that we love sensory activities! We’re always looking for new, interactive ways to engage our students in what they’re learning. Every fall our students learn the ins-and-outs of ‘life on the farm!’ From learning the noises farm animals make, to feeling the textures of their skin, and even how to milk a cow, we encourage our students to get hands-on when learning about farm life.


There’s one LLH tradition during farm week that is always a huge hit— Muddy Pigs! Today’s blog post is written to give you the inside scoop on how to do your very own muddy pigs activity at home or in your classrooms!

Did you just say muddy pigs? 

You heard correctly! Muddy Pigs is a fun sensory activity that allows the kids to learn about the characteristics of a pig, all the while having fun! Here’s a step by step on what you’ll need.


  • Chocolate Pudding. *Note: Be sure to check every child’s specific food allergies. Dairy-Free chocolate pudding is available as a substitute.*
  • One laminated pig printable per child. You can get a free printable here!
  • Miniature pig toys or figurines to roll around in the “mud”.
  • Cleaning supplies, if you’re doing muddy pigs right, it gets pretty messy!
  • *Optional* Old McDonlad Had a Farm Soundtrack & Pig Noises. Click the links to find them on YouTube.

Step by Step:

  1. Lay out one laminated pig printable at each child’s place setting, and one pig figurine. The lamination will allow you to quickly wipe the pudding off later and re-use for another activity!
  2. Make sure the students you’re working with are dressed in clothes they can get messy in. We strip our students out of their school clothes, and cover them with a little red smock. This allows for easier cleanup once the activity is over. However, Muddy Pigs is a great activity to do with or without a smock. Just as pigs roll around in the mud, little students love to get the “mud” all over their bellies!
  3. After each child is at their place setting, place one or two large spoonfuls of pre-made chocolate pudding on their pig. You can add more pudding as the activity goes on.
  4. Demonstrate to the students the noises that a pig makes and ask them to imitate. Next, demonstrate using a figurine how piggies love to roll in the mud.
  5. Encourage the students to roll their piggy in the mud (chocolate pudding).

_MG_1289 _MG_1298
_MG_1316 MuddyPigs03

Before long you’ll have a classroom of little students oinking like pigs and covered in the mud. It’s fun to watch them discover that the mud is indeed pudding. You’ll be left with chocolate covered faces to clean up. Check back later for some more fun down on the farm activities you can do at home!

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