Shane’s Story

Shane’s Story

Shane was born nine weeks early and weighed just 3 pounds 1 ounce. He was two weeks old and still in the hospital when he had a stage four brain bleed. At that time, a prayer chain was started. He was in the Pediatric Intensive Care a total of 52 days. He left the hospital on an apnea monitor and medication. However, the prayers worked and shunt placement was never needed.

In December of 2011, Shane was admitted to St. Francis for Entrovirus.  He was rushed to Integris in OKC due to liver failure. They told us that he would have to have a liver transplant and began preparing us for it. Again, a prayer chain was started in our church and community. His liver enzymes returned to normal without any residual effects or a transplant!

This past month, Shane developed pneumonia. He was hospitalized. The doctors realized that he was aspirating his food. A Mickey button was placed at that time. Since then, he is steady growing and gaining weight!

He is a very bright boy that is very aware of the world around him. He smiles in recognition at faces and voices. He grins when he gets kisses. He will point out objects in large print picture book. He loves to color. He also loves reading books and tries to help turn the pages. Although he cannot verbalize words yet, he loves to be vocal.

He just started using a walker since he began at Little Light House. He loves beginning able to chase his sister. He uses hand braces, AFO’s, glasses, head pod and a wheelchair to assist with activities. He tries extremely hard to participate in activities and gets upset when he can’t.

Shane attends Little Light House four days a week. He also goes to therapy at Tulsa Sunshine Center twice a week. In addition, mom and grandma provide range of motion, eye exercise and oral exercise daily.

His family includes his mother and father, sister, both sets of grandparents and until recently both sets of great parents. Of course, he has numerous other family member and several “aunts” that are only relate thru their love for him.

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