Favorite Apps for Children with CVI

Favorite Apps for Children with CVI

By: Cierra Trisch

We at the Little Light House often sit around in awe of how quickly technology changes. For many of us, we find our students know their way around an iPad almost as well as we do. We’ve had many LLH parents, as well as friends across the world ask us which apps we use for various children. Today we’re going to let you in on some of our favorite apps to use for little ones with Cortical Vision Impairment, or CVI. We should note, we are in no way trying attempting to brainwash you into purchasing an iPad. We do however use many here, and they can be excellent educational tools. You’ll need to remember that certain apps will work best for different children, and since every child is different, certain apps may work better depending on what phase your child is in.  Here are a few of the apps that our team enjoy using (in no particular order):

Some other lists that we recommend:

Babies with iPads lists their 10 favorite apps for children with CVI.

Because many app lists are iPad based, SNEAK Outside the Box created a list of CVI-appropriate Android apps.

And finally, a website out of Australia, VI Family Network, has put together a list of apps recommended by Dr. Roman-Lantzy.

We hope this helps you begin selecting the best apps for your little one with CVI! Be sure to comment below and let us know which apps your little one likes.

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