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The Proprioceptive sensory system

• Pertains to movement and body position:
o tells us where we are in space
o tells us the position of our limbs
o involves motor control and motor planning
• Information comes from special nerve cells in the muscles and joints.
• Gives us information about our body without looking.
• This sense develops automatically starting at birth.
15. When someone has poor proprioception, he/she is hyposensitive he may have or be:
• Clumsy
• Difficulty dressing and undressing
• Difficulty going up or down steps
• Unable to perform routine tasks without looking
• Slaps feet when walking
• Difficulty controlling the force of a movement to fit the situation.
• Constantly seeking sensory input through:
o Biting
o Chewing
o Tapping
o Banging
o Jumping
o Pushing both people and things
o Other physical movements.
16. Interventions:
• Heavy Work:
o Pushing,
o Pulling,
o Carrying a heavy object such as a jug of water.
 The added sensory input of carrying a jug like the girl in the picture helps her be more aware of her body and focus on where she is going. (Do not make it too heavy)
o If your child is acting out while at the market, you might try having them carry something heavy for them that is non-breakable
• Help the child find a socially appropriate way to do the sensory seeking activities above.
o Biting
o Chewing
o Tapping
o Banging
o Jumping
o Pushing both people and things
o Other physical movements.
• Engage in an Action song
o Head and shoulders
o Father Abraham
17. Interventions
• Heavy plastic bottles
o Use an empty plastic juice bottle with a handle or other 1, 2 or 4-liter bottle with a handle. Use a small one for a smaller child and a larger one for a larger child.
o Empty the bottle, wash it out, and let it dry.
o Fill with sand, or water. If using water you can add color and glitter. Glue the lid on, to the children cannot get it off the spill the contents.
o The children then carry the bottle from the home to school or outside to play. It should be heavy enough that it is an effort for the child but not a strain.
o I found these in a pantry of a guesthouse hear in Port-au-Prince. These are good bottles to use weights rot the kids
o Be sure its original contents was something that is not harmful to people. Do not use ones that contained cleaning compounds.
• More Deep pressure ideas
o Always leave the child’s head out.
o Watch them and stay with them
o The child should enjoy the activity and you should see them calm down.
o Stop if they resist or become more agitated.
 Pillow sandwich
 “Hot dog”

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